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Express Entry Visa

Express Entry System Canada

As the world increasingly progresses to online service, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is also revamping how it processes applications. In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced that they will be launching a new program entitled Express Entry.

The Express Entry category is an electronic and online system that manages applications for permanent residence for certain Economic programs. The Express Entry will also facilitate a faster processing time as Canada seeks out ways to increase economic stability through immigration.

Visa Procedures

Moving to other country can be your decision or it’s a decision life made for you. In both cases this act of migration could take you in a lot of confusions and fear for getting a visa permit. This includes time taking procedures and also a heavy stone on your pocket.

At VKIMM we bridge the gap between you and your dreams.

With few easy steps you can receive your Visa:

⊗     Consultation Meeting 
An Immigration Consultant will offer you a proper counselling session. We will help you make better decisions and after your decision is made, all you need to do is sit back and our proactive team will take care of all the complexities of your case in order to merge the right application to the relevant visa.

Our team of experts examines every single data and facts regarding your immigration process. We not only judge your level of acceptance to the other country, we also help you improve it in every manner. A set of information is desired like your age, educational qualifications, financial standings, experiences, and other such basic content.

     Registration with VKIMM
Once we know that your case is eligible for the visa you applied and you have your every query resolved, you get registered with VKIMM as our respected client.

⊗     Assignment of Case Manager 
An expert Case Manager is assigned to your Case for further Process and case handling till your case get successfully to the authorities. He/she will take care of your case and Ensure that all documents submitted on behalf of a client are valid.

At VKIMM your every single paper get reviewed with a careful observation. We provide you with proper assistance which can help in   improving your profile. Stage wise your every document are arranged and prepared for Case Filing.

     Filing case 
Assigned case manager will further file your Case to the Government Authorities. It can be a Paper Application or an Online Application. We make sure that your case gets into the right place. On a regular basis your filed case is tracked for its success rate.