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Document Checklist for Canadian PR

1. Passport

Well, I don’t think it needs much of explanation being the most crucial official documents issued by the government in your home country. It certifies or confirms your citizenship status and identity while you move out of your country. You must carry a valid passport for every individual accompanying you to Canada, i.e. spouse, children, etc.

2. Visa

It is a conditional authorization provided by a country to an immigration applicant to enter and live in the country for the period as defined in the authorization itself. It is usually a stamp endorsed on the passport and other travel documents of the immigration applicant.

3. Proof of Language Proficiency

English and French are the official languages in Canada. Hence, you must carry the language proficiency test results in any of the both languages (i.e. IELTS test for English).

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4. Letter of employment offer

You must carry an original letter of fulltime employment issued by your prospective employer in Canada, based on your visa provisions.

5. ECA Report

You must carry the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) Report issued by a recognized organization.

6. Proof of Relationship/Residency in Canada (if applicable)

If you are immigrating to Canada on a sponsored visa, you must show the proof or relationship with your close relative in Canada, i.e. birth, marriage, or adoption, etc. certificates.

7. Identity proof and Civil Status documents

Provide all the legal or official documents with regard to your identity or civil status in your home country, i.e. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, name change declarations, national IDs, divorce papers or death certificate of former spouse (if applicable), etc.

8. Police Certificates and Clearances

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You must submit valid police certificate with the application letter to CIO.

9. Photographs

6 Photos for each family member are required irrespective of the fact whether they are accompanying you or not. Write the name and DOB of the person featuring on photograph, on the back of 5 copies of photos and leave the 6th one blank.

10. Proof of Funds (if applicable)

Provide the proof of settlement funds (unencumbered and readily transferable) for settlement in Canada.

11. Fee Payment

Fee payment form for Canadian PR Application by certified Cheque, DD, Money order, or Credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard)

12. Working Experience

The reference letter required from your employers in last 10 years.

13. Children Details

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Provide the complete documents with regard to your children status, i.e. birth certificate, adoption papers, Proof of customer of the children (under 18), signed legal Declaration from Non-Accompanying Parent/Guardian for Minors Immigrating to Canada, etc.

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